The Cape Horticultural Society encourages experienced and amateur gardeners to meet like-minded people who want to share knowledge, and to promote biodiversity, where plants flourish and the balance of nature exists.

About Us


The Cape Horticultural Society (CHS) was established in 1903 to encourage, improve and extend the cultivation and decorative arrangement of flowers, shrubs, vegetables and other plants by arranging lectures, exhibitions and other activities.

This group of enthusiastic gardeners continues to this day, encouraging and improving the knowledge of members in all things horticultural in providing a forum for professional, experienced and amateur gardeners to meet like-minded people who want to share knowledge and learn about gardening and ecology and to promote botanical diversity.

The CHS is a member society of Mediterranean Gardening International.


The Cape Horticultural Society …

  • … promotes the growing of a variety of different plants for the benefit of all animal and insect life and believes that a garden with birds, butterflies, chameleons, lizards and frogs, and alive with insects, represents a healthy garden in which plants flourish and the balance of nature exists;
  • … advocates the growing of water-wise plants, both indigenous and exotic, provided that the exotic plants are not invasive; and
  • … encourages the use of natural, organic fertilisers, and discourages the use of chemical fertilisers and poisons in gardens and would only support the use of chemical supplements under certain conditions such as to enhance nutrient-deficient soils.


Marianne Alexander


Marianne Alexander, Anne Bean, Adam Harrower, Laurie Powis, Mary Smith, Michael Tuffin, Bill Elder and Ernst van Jaarsveld.

The Society is led by a very capable Committee …

Chairman : Jenny Scarr;  Hon Treasurer : Henry “Dutch” Diesveld;  Hon Secretary : Glenda Thorpe

Members : Susan Armstrong, Isabella Hayden, Gerald Robertson, Cherise Viljoen, Natalie Michie.