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What’s New in July?

Pick of the Month

Cotyledon decussata "Bergbesie": Indigenous; blue-green finger-shaped leaves; flowers late winter or spring; grows naturally as a groundcover about 60cm high and over a metre wide; widely distributed throughout the country.

The Haphazard Gardener writes ...

... I thought I would concentrate on the Aloe this month because this winter they have seemed more colourful than usual. There are about 130 species native to southern Africa. The plant has obviously enjoyed the rains of winter. The Aloe arborescens in our garden had turned pink due to the stress of the long summer drought. Now it and its near neighbour, the A. ferox, greet us with an abundance of warm orange flowers on the cold winter mornings. Aloes seem to have withstood the drought particularly well.

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Plants in Season

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