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Stapelia hirsuta: Klein Karoo plant; arid areas; a number of different genera, seen as far as north of Springbok; often tucked under shrubs protected from the summer heat; when they flower, they stink; pollinated by blue bottle or carrion flies; has a spiky fruit of seed heads; flowers don’t last long.

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Air layering is a technique using branches that can’t reach the ground. If you can’t get your branch down to the soil, you bring your soil up to the branch. An example is Bauhinia bowkeri.

Select a stem about pencil thickness; find an area where you will wound the stem; cut off the leaves on either side.

Scrape the bark away or cut a notch into the bark (not too much that the branch breaks), leaving a flap of bark. Under that flap, place a stick or piece of wood, together with rooting hormone into the wound. ...

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