The Cape Horticultural Society encourages experienced and amateur gardeners to meet like-minded people who want to share knowledge, and to promote biodiversity, where plants flourish and the balance of nature exists.

What’s new in July – Lockdown month 4?

Erica verticillata “Cherise”

Pick of the Month

A walk around the Tokai Restoration Area includes seeing the Erica verticillata.

Anthony Hitchcock, who sadly passed away this month, was passionate about plants and plant restoration.

In the newsletter, CHS News - 2020-07, read more about this "Fynbos Legend".

CHS Chatter


Street WhatsApp groups have their uses. Still not being able to do much during lockdown, a new neighbour, renting a house with no garden to speak of, took home a pram load of plants, cuttings, slips and bits and pieces from our garden. She was one very satisfied novice gardener.

The CHS has moved even further into the 21st Century, in this year of COVID-19, by venturing into the realms of virtual meetings.


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Plants in Season

Pop back next month to see what members have been growing in their suburban gardens.