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What’s Flowering in March – pre lockdown?

Ornithopora radicans

Pick of the Month

Rodney’s Ornithopora radicans: A lovely little orchid that looks nothing like an orchid. tells us: An epiphytic orchid with compressed pseudobulbs and grass-like leaves, to 7 inches long.

The greenish-white or greenish-yellow flowers have cream-colored lips, and appear on slender racemes in fall. Grow epiphytically on bark slabs, or with epiphytic orchid potting mix in slatted baskets. Requires filtered light and high humidity throughout the year, with less water in winter.

CHS Chatter


Isabella reminded us at the last meeting about the potting up we have been asked to do. Flourish Garden Club will advise after Easter whether this Plant Market will take place or not. BUT, we would still like you to continue propagating and to hear how many plants you will have available for the sale. So, please keep taking cuttings of the “old-fashioned” plants you have in your garden and let us have your numbers by 6 April.

Isabella, in her isolation, has this to tell us:

“Now that I’m stuck at home, I have time for gardening again! Autumn is a good time for propagating so I thought I’d share what I’m doing in the hope that it will inspire you to try it yourselves.


Ruellia species

This is the easiest way to propagate! I dug up rooted sections of this low-growing groundcover (approx. 15cm) and potted them up in potting soil, then placed them in semi-shade. It flowers through the summer and is reasonably waterwise. Takes dry semi-shade or, if watered regularly, full sun.

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Plants in Season

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