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What’s new in April – Lockdown month 1?


Pick of the Month

Members, being in lockdown, were able to spend much more time in their gardens. They were asked to send in photos of the flowers in their gardens.

A favourite was the indigenous species, Plectranthus, which comes in beautiful shades of pinks, blues and purples. A close second was Barleria, also indigenous, with similar colouring.

There was a wide variety to choose from and these can be seen in the CHS News - 2020-04.

CHS Chatter


In August/early September last year, 15 three-year old Baobab seedlings (looked like dead sticks) were donated to us and members adopted them.

Seven months down the line we have an update on their progress of seven of them.

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Plants in Season

Pop back next month to see what members have been growing in their suburban gardens.