The Cape Horticultural Society encourages experienced and amateur gardeners to meet like-minded people who want to share knowledge, and to promote biodiversity, where plants flourish and the balance of nature exists.

What’s New in August?

Pick of the Month

Luffa aegyptiaca – Cucurbitaceae: an annual and sub-tropical grower; start seeds in pots; need up to six months to grow; leave the fruit on the vine to mature and dry off and become the loofah; take off the outside coating; when young, can be eaten as a vegetable; flowers and buds can be eaten; vines grow up to 30’. Seeds are available from the Seed Box.

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The Haphazard Gardener writes ...

I won the plant in the lucky draw at the August meeting. It was Veltheimia bracteata (forest lily); a member of the Hyacinth family. This got me thinking about other plants that are easy to grow and add interest to the winter garden.

The Veltheimia bracteata grows wild in the forests and coastal scrub of the Eastern Cape.  It is named in honour of a German patron of Botany – August Frederick Graf von Veltheim.

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Plants in Season

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