The Cape Horticultural Society encourages experienced and amateur gardeners to meet like-minded people who want to share knowledge, and to promote biodiversity, where plants flourish and the balance of nature exists.

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Pick of the Month

Mimetes argenteus “Silver Pagoda” – because of its silvery leaves, could be mistaken for the “Silver Tree”; endemic to the Cape Floristic region; found on the most southern slopes of Hottentots Holland, Franschhoek and Riviersonderend mountains; only seen by hikers in the wild; endangered due to loss of habitat and the Argentinian Ant.

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The spikey one, over there? It’s the same, but it’s different.

This, folks, is a phrase that frequents my conversations, and it must come to an end!

When it comes to plant identification, I think one is never finished learning! And to make it more difficult, different families have different names for the same plants, countries have different names for them too, and then even between friends a plant can have an identity crisis (wrap your head around that sentence!). Luckily for us, the nature of the Latin naming system and the binomial nomenclature, one can get to the bottom of it quite easily!  ...

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Plants in Season

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