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Lachenalia hybrid

Pick of the Month

Indigenous: Lachenalia hybrid of L flava – for colour in the garden during May, June, July, go the bulbous route

CHS Chatter


Following Morné Faulhamer’s talk this month, he was asked to give his view on the threat to our trees by the PSHB (Euwallacea fornicatus) – of the Ambrosia beetle family. This is his perspective:

“A lot of hoo-ha has been made about it – and rightly so.

First of all, I have been called out to a number of gardens by people who have heard about this. They see little holes and get excited about what it could possibly be.

If we look at Ambrosia beetles around the world, there are something in excess of 400 species so there are a lot of these beetles that bore into wood. Just because your tree has a hole in it doesn’t mean it’s doom and gloom. We have an indigenous species of beetle which does that, predominantly in dead wood. ...

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Plants in Season

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