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Cyrtanthus falcatus

Pick of the Month

Cyrtanthus falcatus is only known to occur in Grassland of the Drakensberg mountains in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands, South Africa, usually below 1800 m.

The bulbs are found on vertical cliffs, either hanging downwards or lying in a horizontal position, with the roots securely anchored between rock slabs.

Cyrtanthus elatus "George Lily" from Knysna to Humansdorp; flowers in the Spring, especially if it's a bit pot-bound.

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For those of us who still remember what postage stamps are, the latest issue from the SA Post Office depicts “Cycads – Trees of Myth and Legend”.

This abstract from the chapter on Cycads by Anil K. Goel and J. S. Khuraijam in Plant Biology and Biotechnology gives some background to these ancient plants:

“Cycads are regarded as the “Living Fossils” and belong to a specialized group of plants having ancient lineage possessing great significance from the

evolutionary point of view. During excavations, the cycad fossils located and accepted as related to the similar lineage as the present-day cycads ...

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