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Zygocactus “Christmas Cactus”

Pick of the Month

Zygocactus or Christmas Cactus – low maintenance; takes indirect light; occasional watering.

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Some comments from members who visited the gardens in Barrydale:

There was such a variety of types of gardens – from the very structured, lush ones to the messy, unweeded ones,

and the interesting little gardens in Smitsville, where great effort is put in with little water and funds (one young man used rabbit poo for fertiliser).

Loved the structures built with the local shale, pillars, walls, edging and paths.

The Regen pad  (rain frog) garden won my vote as the most fascinating and appropriate garden. The textures of the different stone, gravel, and shale surfaces

was so neat, and the plantings of various types of vygies as well as Aloe striata, together with Malachite sunbirds, and other succulents, interspersed with Bitou bushes and various trees was eye-catching. ...

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Plants in Season

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