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What’s New in October?

Pick of the Month

Babiana – a Western Cape bulb

PlantzAfrica explains: "The genus name Babiana means baboon and is derived from the Dutch word baviaan. It also refers to observations made by early colonists at the Cape of Good Hope that baboons favoured the corms of this genus."

The Haphazard Gardener writes ...

As I write this the gale force South Easter is wreaking havoc in the garden. I notice that many plants are already wilting because of the dehydrating effect of the wind. So much better to think of the wonderful spring we had in September and early October.

The Arctotheca calendula “Cape weed” spread across the pavements in the area. The plants, with their yellow daisy flowers, love the adverse conditions. They have flowered for weeks. Our neighbour mowed his sidewalk but luckily to no great damage to the flowers.

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Plants in Season

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